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House of plants nursery was established by Tsalouchos Stavros in 1988. Here you can find indoor and outdoor ornamental pot plants in several sizes. Our plants are cultivated in nurseries and shade houses in a total area of 27.000 square meters which all are equipped with the latest technology in order to have the best quality plants for the Greek and European market.

Our continuous goal is to improve and extend our facilities and our products in order to reach the perfection.


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Our facilities consist of three branch stores. The total area is 27.000 square meters. The 17.000 sm are greenhouse. Most of them are covered by polycarbonate sheets. The rest 10.000 s.m. are shade houses and open cultivations which are used for outdoor plants. There is also a 500 s.m. rooting area equiped with fog irrigating system.

The irrigation and fertilization is made by electronic irrigating system in order to have the best cultivating results and the best quality of plants. In order to control the photoperiod and get the best results we have installed thermal screens for shading, insulation and darking and also ilumination lamps so, we can keep the optimum conditions for the plants’ cultivation.